Simpact Consultancy

High Speed Digital Camera

Up to 650,000 fps for FEA correlation and impact test verification

In 2014 Simpact invested in the Photon SA1.1 high speed digital camera. This is an exciting piece of equipment which provides blistering fast speed. It is capable of over 5,000 frames per second (fps) at full resolution and 650,000 fps at reduced resolution.

We have extensive experience in the use of high speed photography for FEA correlation and test validation. Before purchasing our own system, we made use of rental cameras and those owned by test houses. We opted for a colour CMOS sensor as although this is less sensitive than a monochrome sensor, it covers a larger market and achieves impressive filming outdoors. 

Light is one of the most important ingredients required for superior quality high speed video and to compliment our impact related products, Simpact started designing and developing a new innovative LED light specially targeted for high speed video and high end photography applications. In 2015, we started low volume manufacture of ICARUS which has a super bright flicker free 6000 lumens LED with a 13deg beam angle. It is lightweight (less than 1kg), compact and ergonomic. Its quiet cooling fan and cool LED light also make it ideal for experiments where heat is undesirable.

For more information about ICARUS, please visit our Products area.