CAD & 3D Visualisation

Exceptional CAD Design in Warwickshire

Design for Manufacture

Simpact are expert users of the Dassault Systems SolidWorks 3D CAD software and use this for their CAD Design tool. This is a well-established way of communicating the details of a design to our customers and manufacturing partners.

We use SolidWorks to create parametric models of detailed parts, assemblies, and production-level drawings. It has all the tools required to generate complex surfaces, sheet metal flat patterns, and structural welded assemblies. We do not make use of the simulation elements of the SolidWorks software as it is limited and does not provide the specialist functionality that we require. However SolidWorks interfaces effectively with our pre and post processing finite element software.

3D Visualisation

Effective communication of results

Simpact are expert users of the Autodesk 3D Studio Max Design software for 3D visualisation. This is a relatively new and exciting way of communicating the outputs of our project work to our customers and we have invested heavily in the hardware, software and staff to achieve this capability.

We use this software to create high quality photo realistic static renderings and animations of our designs at various stages of their development process. This has been a valuable output of our 2 year Innovate UK funded collaborative research and development project with Warwick University and this capability has now been fully embedded within Simpact. More specifically, this capability includes the rendering of our finite element model outputs. This provides us with the unique ability to communicate our designs and simulation results in a highly effective way.

One of the core technologies that we are able to offer is a 4k resolution 3D PowerWall facility based at the University of Warwick. This facility consists of the latest 10 Megapixel projectors which combine to create one of the highest resolution systems in the UK. This level of immersion and photorealism includes head and hand tracking for real time interactive virtual reality. This is very useful for activities such as interactive design reviews where a large group of people can contribute simultaneously. Simpact have the skills and experience to make the best use of these facilities.