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Please see below for some of the research that Simpact has published to date. To find out more about these publications, please click on the following links

‘Experimental-based numerical simulation of the drop test within NIJ Standard-0101.06 for personal hard armour development’

Romano T. et al. PASS 2016 Personal Armour System Symposium, Amsterdam 2016.

‘Why is my rifle plate so uncomfortable?’

Fenne P. et al. PASS 2016 Personal Armour System Symposium, Amsterdam 2016.

'The effect of bullet yaw on the threat level; a numerical investigation'

Tomczyk K. et al. PASS 2014 Personal Armour Systems Symposium, Cambridge 2014.

'Inconsistency of Threat Level in Soft Armour Standards, Correlation of Experimental Test to Bullet X-ray 3D Images'

Thornby J. et al. PASS 2012 Personal Armour Systems Symposium, Nuremburg 2012.

'Inconsistency in 9mm bullets measured with non-destructive X-ray computer tomography'

Kumar J. et al. Forensic Sci. Int., 214 (2011), 48-58.

'Laser Scanning of Test Setup Boosts the Value of Vehicle Safety Simulation'

Mads Neilsen and Tayeb Zeguer. NAFEMS, Simulation versus Test - Linking computational and experimental techniques in industrial applications November 9th 2005 – Ratcliffe, UK

'The frontal impact response of a spaceframe chassis sportscar'

T D Williams, A de Pennington and D C Barton. Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol 214 Part D

'Rapid Design of Crash Properties for Safe Automobiles: A Conceptual Approach'

Dirk Landheer. ISBN 90-386-0530-7