Superior impact related products

At the heart of our business plan is the design, development and manufacture of impact related products founded on our own IP. We manufacture these under licence in partnership with a suitable manufacturer.

To date we have produced the products below and others are in development. We welcome enquiries from manufacturing partners wishing to combine their respective strengths with ours, and together develop the highly innovative products of tomorrow.


Innovative technology designed for high speed video and high end photography

ICARUS is a super bright 12000 lumen LED light with narrow beam angle and low heat output. It has been proven on the ballistics range and is perfect for capturing high speed footage of projectiles travelling at high speeds.

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Impact Energy Absorbing Boss

Lightweight impact technology for niche vehicles

Our impact energy absorbing boss is designed to be used in conjunction with an existing steering column and steering wheel. This is suitable for low volume sports cars without airbags that need to pass small series type approval. The design has been fully validated and the highly innovate lightweight aluminium design is manufactured from a single length of extrusion.

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Bespoke Mechanical Test Rigs

Design, development and manufacture of bespoke impact test facilities

With our background in impact design and the experience that we have gained from the design and development of our own impact test facilities, we are well positioned to design, develop and manufacture bespoke facilities to meet our clients' loadcase specification and requirements. 

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