Simpact About Us

What We Do

Let us make an impact on your product’s performance!

We are Engineering Consultants specialising in the application of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for product development. In particular, finite element analysis (FEA) which is now an essential tool for new product innovation and development.

We engineer superior design solutions to meet critical loading requirements. This can range from low velocity drops of protective helmets through to hypervelocity impact for spacecraft.

Our background is in the design and development of protective structures and restraint systems for the worldwide automotive industry. We are experts in the use of the RADIOSS (Altair HyperWorks) and LS-DYNA3D (LSTC) software. This industry standard software meets all the simulation needs of our customers.

As consultants, we listen carefully to our clients and use our specialist knowledge to solve problems effectively and efficiently. We bring insights, deliver results and ensure that our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Our CAE Tools

Finite Element Analysis software

  • RADIOSS/HyperWorks

Experimental Testing

  • Quasi-static
  • Gravity drop
  • High Strain Rate
  • High Speed photo elastic analysis 

CAD & 3D Visualisation software

  • SolidWorks
  • Rapidform
  • 3D Studio Max Design

3D Capture

  • Non-Contact Laser Scanning
  • Large Volume CMM
  • Micro CT
  • High Speed Video
Evolution of Impact Velocity