Simpact's CAE Consultants in Warwickshire

Our CAE Tools

We have all the tools that you need to develop a good product

Our CAE toolset provides all the technology that you need for the stages of your new product development cycle – from concept modelling through to certification of the design. This includes CAD complimented with 3D capture hardware to generate geometry (required as input for finite element analysis) through to the high speed video we use for the correlation of CAE models and the verification of impact tests.

Simpact's CAE consultants have always led the way in making the most of these tools and combining their strengths. In 2013 we pioneered the technique of including actual finite element results (such as contour plots) within a high quality photo realistic rendered environment. This tool can give your product the marketing advantage that it needs to stay ahead of the competition.


Simpact have the following technologies within their toolbox to support their consultancy projects: