Consumer Products drop testing in Warwick

Impact Testing of Consumer Products

Getting the most out of your products

Our customers come to us with a wide spectrum of product development challenges. Most of our experience in this area lies in the development of products for sports protection as this involves impact safety targets and a variety of threats and impact velocity. Specific examples include the development of composite cricket helmets, analysis of debris impact in F1 and the development of shin guards according to British impact design standards.

In 2015 Simpact designed and built their own drop test facility so that they could carry out their own impact testing in-house and offer this impact evaluation method to their clients. This facility is particularly well suited to the drop test evaluation of mobile phones. It is fully instrumented and features a linear system that guides the device to the impact surface. This allows us to accurately replicate a load case which may be detailed in a standard such as the transit drop procedure described in the US Department of Defence standard MIL-STD-810G.

For more details on our drop test facility, please click here to visit the experimental testing area of our website.