ICARUS is an innovative LED light specially designed and developed for high speed camera and high end photography applications.

Designed by Simpact in-house using state-of-the-art CAE tools, ICARUS was originally launched in 2015 with a super bright flicker free 6000 lumens LED and a 13deg beam angle. In 2018 ICARUS was redeveloped to produce over 12000 lumens!

ICARUS is lightweight (less than 1kg), compact and ergonomic. Its quiet cooling fan and cool LED make it ideal for experiments where heat is undesirable.

Key Benefits

  • 40% more efficient
  • 20degC cooler
  • 5dB quieter
  • 10% lighter

*Than it’s closest lumens competitor (above values are for the ICARUS 60W unit)

Proven in the Ballistic Range

ICARUS has been used successfully by Morgan Advanced Materials and their Composites and Defence Systems division. The super bright LED light with narrow beam angle and low heat output has proven to be perfect for capturing high speed footage of projectiles travelling at ballistic speeds.

The video on the right shows ICARUS being used for composite helmet development


  • Low Power – 80 Watts
  • Very Bright – 12480 lumens (at source)
  • Flicker free – cool 5000K LED
  • Quiet – 55.6 dB @1m
  • Weight – Less than 1kg
  • Beam Angle – 13°
  • Maintenance free – More than 36,000h
  • (over 4 years continuous use)


  • Various mounting clamps (Manfrotto)
  • Peli Case with custom foam insert
  • Polycarbonate inserts (for ballistic applications)