Rail Vehicle Crashworthiness

Rail Vehicle Crashworthiness

Our support to the rail industry ranges from safety and durability assessment of aftermarket component fitment, to full refurbishment CAE support. Our customers benefit from the latest CAE technology in the automotive and the aerospace domain. We are familiar with GMRT-2100 and London Underground Standard for Rolling Stock 1-180.

Examples of our rail activities include:

  • Crashworthiness development of D-train for VivaRail, see: Train Crash Test
  • Strength and fatigue assessment of mounting structure including secondary restraints of aftermarket air conditioning units, track inspection instrumentation fitted to rolling stock.
  • Complete vehicle twist computer simulation
  • Strength and fatigue assessment of seating systems and carriage partitioning.
  • 3D scanning of complete railway carriages for build tolerance assessment and computer modelling


We have carried out FEA modelling of various components used in the marine industry including lifting strops, shackles, buckles and hooks.

We are keen to apply our knowledge of composite materials and their computer modelling to the marine industry.