About Simpact Engineering

About Simpact Engineering Ltd

Since 2000 Simpact has been completely dedicated to designing advanced structures and maximising impact performance.

In 2000 Dirk Landheer and Tim Williams founded Simpact to put the knowledge and expertise gained from their PhDs in automotive safety into practise. Simpact helped to shape the CAE revolution in automotive safety development and continuously pushed boundaries by applying innovative techniques.

In 2007 Simpact began to redefine itself by embarking on an active programme of diversification. The aim was to reduce reliance on the cyclic automotive market and seek out new markets that have not yet experienced the benefits of the CAE revolution. In addition to Automotive, Simpact has now broadened its market coverage to include Defence, Aerospace, Industrial and Consumer.

Today Simpact make full use of their vast experience, academic backgrounds and relationships to conduct cutting edge R&D and project work. By continuing to work closely with the UK’s top Universities, Simpact has exclusive access to the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

Safety has always been at the centre of everything we do. Some of our work saves lives, and as we grow and diversify, this is what continues to drive us.

Consultancy Market Spread

Financial year ending Jan 2018

Key Stakeholders

Key stakeholders active in the company are Tim and Dirk. They are supported by a small but formidable international team of cherry-picked engineers.

Dirk Landheer Managing Director

Slightly more risk-averse than his business partner, Dirk likes to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

He enjoys visiting his family in Holland and has a keen interest in all things scientific.

Dirk completed his PhD titled ‘Rapid Design of Crash Properties for Safe Automobiles: A Conceptual Approach’ at the University of Eindhoven. As Technical Director, he has complete oversight of our consultancy project work and heads our R&D activities. Dirk is also our Quality System Representative ensuring that all projects are delivered to an exceptionally high standard.

Tim Williams Commercial Director

From sky-diver to racing driver, Tim has always been interested in speed. When he's not at work you'll find him out with his road bike club or spending time with his young children (which requires just as much stamina).

Tim studied at the University of Leeds where he was awarded a Keyworth Scholarship to study for a PhD in Vehicle Crashworthiness. Tim is well known for his research into the Crashworthiness of the Caterham Super 7 and in 2006 Simpact realised this work by successfully delivering the ECE-R12 crash test programme for Caterham Cars Ltd. He now focusses on the commercial side of the business.

David Lemouton CAE Specialist

David has gone through all the steps at Simpact starting with his interrnship in 2012. He graduated with a French Masters Degree (Mechanics & Energetics) and joined us straight away as a Junior CAE Analyst. David is consistent, has a clear sense of responsibility and has worked his way up the ranks to where he is now, a highly regarded CAE Specialist. David is a problem solver and a good listener. We think that he has found his niche and we are very pleased to have him as a key part of the stakeholder team. 

Sep 2018 Installation and commissioning of COMPPRESS composites manufacturing machine in our workshop
Aug 2018 LIFT “Lightweight Innovative Flexible Technology” Patent filed
Mar 2018 Simpact successfully upgrade to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System
Jan 2018 Simpact upgrade to the RESCALE HPC platform for very large LS-DYNA compute requirements
Sep 2017 Simpact deliver LIFT “Lightweight Innovative Flexible Technology” at LCV2017
Jul 2017 Simpact successfully apply Digital Image Correlation (DIC) to blast testing
Mar 2017 COMPPRESS “An Innovative Step in the Compression Moulding of Composites” 1.5 year CR&D feasibility project
Feb 2017 Simpact Free-fall Drop Rig SFR6300 commissioned for large scale high energy drop testing
Jan 2017 Simpact High-Speed Pneumatic Launcher SPL6000 commissioned
Sept 2016 PASS 2016 paper “Experimental-based numerical simulation of the drop test within NIJ Standard-0101.06 for personal hard armour development”
Mar 2016 LIFT “Lightweight Innovative Flexible Technology” 1-year CR&D project
Jan 2016 PACET “Pre-strain Analysis of Composites using Emerging Technologies”
Dec 2015 Simpact Guided gravity Drop test rig SDR2200 commissioned
Dec 2015 KTP results Composite fatigue study with WMG
Sept 2015 Launch ICARUS LED light
Sept 2014 PASS 2014 poster “The Effect of bullet yaw on the threat level; a numerical investigation”
Aug 2014 Result of £1M TSB CR&D with Morgan Advanced Materials and WMG:
- Practical predictive CAE tool for hard armour
- Intuitive 3D visualisation technique
Exploitation ready
Jan 2014 Investment in Photron high speed camera
Mar 2013 Move to larger premises in Warwick with workshop facilities
Sept 2012 PASS 2012 paper “Inconsistency of threat level in soft armour standards, correlation of experimental tests to bullet X-ray 3D images”
Aug 2011 Publication in FSI "Inconsistency in 9 mm bullets measured with non-destructive X-ray computed tomography”
Jan 2010 Key project partner to University of Warwick /WMG PVCI Programme
Jul 2009 Mech. properties of selection aramid fabrics characterized with SAATI enabling soft armour predictive FEA
Nov 2008 Relocate all engineering activities to open plan office in Leamington Spa
Aug 2007 - 2nd office, Banbury
- Recruited RADIOSS UK experts for Aerospace vulnerability projects
Mar 2006 ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Accreditation
Apr 2005 With European funding Simpact R&D produce world's first soft armour FEA models with plastilina backing suitable for commercial body armour development.
Nov 2004 Simpact et al. register novel automotive airbag design with their customer Ford Global Technologies LLC
Oct 2004 Simpact CAE capability for soft armour demonstrated in DTI sponsored study
Dec 2003 Portable non contact 3D laser scanning added to CAE capability
Apr 2003 TIER 1 supplier status to Ford (Germany)
Nov 2000 - Office in Coventry
- TIER 1 supplier status with main customers Jaguar Land Rover and Pininfarina Ricerca e Sviluppo (Italy)
Jan 2000 Incorporation. Provision of safety CAE support to Jaguar Land Rover with MSX International