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The Simpact Quality Management System becomes 18!

The Simpact Quality Management System becomes 18!

Posted by: Simpact Engineering Ltd. Date posted: 21st Jun 2023 Category: Simpact News

This year we celebrate the 18th anniversary of our ISO9001 accredited quality management system.

In many countries children become adults when they turn 18. I have fulfilled the role of Quality Representative since our first accreditation all those years ago. In a way this is like watching a child grow up, a process of continues gathering feedback / learning and improving.

We thank our customers for their honest feedback and loyalty to get us where we are now, a mature high quality consultancy that you can always rely on. We also thank our quality consultant Paul Plumridge from QuServe for his ongoing reliable down to earth support. Over the years we went through two transitions of the ISO9001 standard, 2007 and 2015. 

However, the most important ingredient of a successful quality system is all staff embracing it, like a family supporting their child growing up. Some people say that quality management systems are boring, is that so?

Dirk Landheer - Simpact Quality Managment System Representative