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We work with a wide range of companies in different sectors. Have a look at what some of them say about us.

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Pashley and Moulton Bicycles Consumer

"Simpact's innovative approach backed by sound Computer Aided Engineering has proved vital in the timely development of new products for the rapidly emerging markets we serve" Adrian Williams - CEO of Pashley and Moulton Bicycles

BAE systems Defence

"Simpact helped us de-risk the live drop testing of inert aircraft stores by providing a bespoke airbag containment system. The system was designed, developed and experimentally validated at Simpact using a dummy store. Simpact supplied the fully functional system and enabled us to successfully complete our test programme". Structures Specialist - BAE systems R&T

Altran Engineering B.V. Industrial

"We know Simpact for many years. They are seen as a steady partner in supporting in structural analysis, full vehicle crash and non-automotive related impact analysis & countermeasures. They have shown to be flexible through many phases, either for the offerings or in the project stages. Their ability to think with the customer, out of the box, and suggest viable solutions is greatly appreciated. We want to expand our cooperation".  Sanjay Ghisaidoobe, CAE department - Altran Engineering B.V.

Mirus Aircraft Seating Ltd Aerospace

“During the year, Simpact provided Mirus with a high level of service and expertise. We approached Simpact as we wanted something different to that offered by the CAE software vendors to solve the critical loadcases associated with commercial aircraft seat safety development. With their customer centric approach and deep experience in occupant injury and non-linear structural analysis, Simpact were able to solve our problems effectivity and efficiently” Gavin Hall, Programme Manager – Mirus Aircraft Seating Ltd.

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Caterham Cars Ltd Automotive

“In today’s highly competitive automotive market, it would have been prohibitively expensive and far too time consuming for us to design and develop our safety steering system experimentally. By making use of Simpact's extensive vehicle safety experience and their advanced simulation CAE toolbox, we were able to go straight into verification tests having the confidence that we would pass first time - and we did!!” - Ansar Ali. Managing Director - Caterham Cars Ltd

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Aerial Group B.V. Aerospace

"Simpact’s extensive expertise helped Aerialtronics explore the effects of impact of a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle (a.k.a. drone) with various objects. They were able to refine and validate existing structural models within a short time span. This allowed us to help fill a critical knowledge gap in commercial drone industry" - Jan Wouter Kruyt, VP Strategic Partnerships - Aerialtronics

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Morgan Advanced Materials Defence

“In our industry, quick response to urgent operational requirements is the norm. Simpact can work with these timescales. To maximise mobility we are pushing boundaries on armour light-weighting. Joint research with Simpact and their expert CAE knowledge helps us to stay at the forefront of innovation.” - Stuart Bailey. Technical Manager - Morgan Advanced Materials.

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GCE Group Industrial

“The Right First Time approach applied to this development project gave GCE a competitive edge in bringing a new product to market. The guard passed certification testing first time and is proving to be a great success” - Gareth Pemberton. Head of Innovation - GCE Group

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WMG University Of Warwick R&D

“I’ve now worked with Simpact on a number of collaborative research projects, and have always been impressed with the way they approach engineering problems. Our projects have covered topics as diverse as armour systems to natural fibre materials, but they have all had in common a desire to work at the cutting edge of materials science.” - Dr Ben Wood. Innovation Manager - WMG

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Vivarail Rail & Marine

“Simpact’s extensive experience in crashworthiness design proved instrumental in delivering D-train in the short timescales available. The computer modelling they carried out proved both reliable and efficient.” - Adrian Shooter. Chairman - Vivarail

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Reynolds Technology Automotive

“Reynolds worked closely with Simpact on the BLiSS (Butted Lightweight Innovative Steel Structures) project. With their skills and expertise in the design of lightweight structures and advanced CAE, we delivered the worlds first butted tubular spaceframe on-target, on-budget and on-time” - Keith Noronha. Managing Director - Reynolds Technology Ltd

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Benteler Engineering Services Automotive

"We know SIMPACT as a reliable and creative development partner for all Safety related crash simulations from Advanced design optimisation of complete vehicles and it's variants as well as detail construction's. Our main jobs concerned Complete vehicle, truck Structural Anallysis and Validation next to Public transport pedestrian safety structural design improvements. The output of the respective jobs was always satisfactory and resulted in a nomination as preferred supplier. Planning and costs are kept and as a customer we were informed always in advance if any deviation occurred. Changes in our requests were always met proactive and countered with eager." - Wim van den Heuvel. Senior Project Engineer Body & Exterior Systems - Benteler Engineering Services

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BULLITT Group Ltd Consumer

“Simpact provided BULLITT a full understanding of the drop test performance of our consumer product. Using their drop test facility, they were able to accurately capture and quantify drop test performance. They identified the root cause of failure enabling us to rapidly advance our product development” - William Drew. Product Manager - BULLITT Group Ltd

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Phoenix Pianos Consumer

“Simpact has been the perfect associate for our project. They have professionally met and tackled each challenge, and can be rightly proud that Britain once again now leads the world in piano design” - Richard Dain. CEO - Phoenix Piano Systems.

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Metropolitan Police Service Defence

“The Physical Protection Group can count on Simpact to provide high quality, impartial consultancy making use of the best methods and the lastest technology to protect our police officers” - Paul Fenne. Head of Physical Protection - Metropolitan Police Service

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