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New product innovation for high speed camera applications

New product innovation for high speed camera applications

Posted by: simpact Date posted: 22nd May 2015 Category: Simpact News

Simpact have developed an innovative LED light which has been designed for high speed camera applications. It was designed and developed completely in-house and is now being manufactured in low volumes. Its main features make it particularly well suited to photography where light is limited and it is now being used to push the boundaries in what we are able to capture in our impact experiments.

The main features of the design are versatility, a high intensity (5000 lumens) low power (60 Watts) flicker free LED which has a cool (5000 Kelvin) light temperature and a small beam angle of 13 degrees. This is ideally suited to close range high speed camera applications where light and heat are traditional issues. 

During the early phases of the design process we called on the help of the ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) group at WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) who 3D printed the housing for a function and fit assessment. This enabled us to improve the design further before tooling investment. 

Two of the units are already being used by a defence customer in their ballistic test range facility. Beforehand they were using standard tungsten based lighting which required tripods and generated a great deal of heat which can be a complication when studying the impact response of armour materials. The new units are half the size and less than 1kg in weight so can be mounted on existing equipment in the range via a standard photographic fixing on both the base and the handle. This has increased the space for technicians in the range and significantly reduced test temperatures.

The images below provide some more information on the product. Accessories include a mounting clamp, a Peli case (with custom foam insert) and a pack of protective polycarbonate sheets. Please contact Simpact if you would like to find out more information.