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Pre-strain Analysis of Composites using Emerging Technologies (PACET)

Posted by: Simpact Date posted: 1st Nov 2015 Category: Simpact News

Our most recent R&D project (PACET) was successfully delivered this month giving Simpact the competitive edge when analysing strains in composites.

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Niche Vehicle Network funding for lightweight chassis development

Posted by: Simpact Date posted: 9th Sep 2015 Category: Simpact News

We are pleased to announce a new collaborative R&D project with Reynolds tubing Caterham Cars which will result in an ultra-lightweight spaceframe for the Caterham 7

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Simpact test their new 3D printed front wing

Posted by: Simpact Date posted: 1st Jul 2015 Category: Simpact News

This month the Simpact OMS Hillclimb and Sprint car was upgraded with a new front wing which was designed in CAD and analysed and developed in-house using our CAE software. 

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10th European LS-DYNA Conference 2015

Posted by: Simpact Date posted: 19th Jun 2015 Category: Simpact News

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New product innovation for high speed camera applications

Posted by: simpact Date posted: 22nd May 2015 Category: Simpact News

2015 has seen an exciting new product development and this month we have started low volume manufacture of our new innovative LED light designed specifically for high speed camera applications.  

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