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Simpact help Pashley to Innovate the e-cargo market

Simpact help Pashley to Innovate the e-cargo market

Posted by: Admin Date posted: 9th Sep 2020 Category: Simpact News

The COVID-19 crisis has sent shockwaves through the transport industry but it has resulted in mass growth in e-commerce. Simpact are helping Pashley to bring a new e-cargo innovation to this rapidly evolving market and is set to enter production in April 2021. 

Codenamed as “ALECS”, Articulating Lightweight Electrically-assisted Cargo Solution, the new innovation will form the platform for a NEW GENERATION of configurable products to meet the rapidly growing market for zero-emission last mile cargo vehicles. Announced at the Niche Vehicle Network Symposium this month, ALECS will enter production in April 2021. ALECS is aimed at filling the gap in the mid-market. Currently larger scale requirements are serviced by electric vans or expensive EAVs, and smaller requirements by e-cargo bikes, and ALECS will sit between the two.

ALECS uses the latest in electrical assist drive [and battery] technology and has a number of novel features.  In particular the tilting mechanism – patent pending - provides greater cornering stability (and therefore speed) than a conventional tricycle configuration of the same size.  This vehicle brings the stability, load carrying and safety benefits of a tricycle whilst providing the agility and handling of a bicycle - due to its innovative tilting system - making it far more user friendly, safer and accessible for a wider variety of riders.

As their main Innovation partner, Simpact helped Pashley conceive and then realise the idea by developing the concept with their vehicle dynamics and lightweighting expertise. Starting with a commercial Feasibility Study and progressing th the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) and MRL (Manufacturing Readiness Level) via a Niche Vehicle Network (NVN) grant to Proof of Concept, we are now in the final Production Readiness phase. Project partners have included Reynolds Technology (for their lightweight high strength tubing technology) and WMG at the University of Warwick (for their 3D visualisation expertise). For more information on ALECS, please visit the Pashley website